Board Exam 2019: What Should Students Keep In Mind During Revision

Board Exam 2019: What Should Students Keep In Mind During Revision

Board exam 2019: What should students keep in mind during revision


New Delhi: “For getting stellar success in Board results, a good study plan for revision can make all the difference,” says Avneet Makkar, Founder and CEO, CarveNiche Technologies Pvt Ltd. Annual secondary and higher secondary Board exams of both CBSE and State Boards are currently underway and several students are still in the process of designing a good revision strategy for Board exams which are one of the key milestones in a student’s life.

For all those who are still wondering about a revision strategy, Ms Makkar is suggesting some points that should be considered while creating your revision plan.

Here are what Ms Makkar told NDTV:

“Your plan should first include all topics across subjects where you think you need extra practice or still have some doubts. You can also refer your pre-board or school test papers to figure out which topics will require extra study hours”

“It is good to revise one subject for a day except for Mathematics”

“Include an hour or two of Math revision every single day. It will relieve your stress for a paper, many students are most tense about”

“Do a timed practice of past papers. It is as close to the real thing as possible and an excellent way to assess whether you have learnt the subject well and also identify any gaps in your knowledge”

“Understand the concepts well and not just skim through important terms”

“You may have used multiple books during the year but remember to prioritize your NCERT books for exams. Go through each chapter completely”

“Prepare your notes as you study, they will be handy a day before the exam”

“In between your studies, plan 30 mins every day for some quick physical activity like a walk or a jog”

“Last but not the least, do not compromise on sleep. A good sleep is the best meditation”

“Of course, for the success of any study or revision plan, you need to also stay away from gadgets and social media as much as you can”