‘Face (Your) Books. Insta Your Studies’. CBSE To Students Ahead Of Board Exams

'Face (Your) Books. Insta Your Studies'. CBSE To Students Ahead Of Board Exams

CBSE Board exam 2019: Face (Your) Books. Insta Your Studies, CBSE tells students

In a letter with jargon from everyday ‘technological’ life, CBSE, the national education body which is all set organise the Board exam 2019 for Senior Secondary and Higher Secondary students, has asked the examinees to ‘Face’ their ‘Books’ and ‘Insta’ their studies in reference to popular social networking sites, Facebook and Instagram. In the motivational letter, the Board has also told the students that they were ‘born to be awesome, not perfect!’.

Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE will organise Class 10 and Class 12 annual Board exams for next one and half months in various centres across the country and abroad for more than 31 lakh registered candidates.

“The schooling years are the best years for scholarship and education because our Hard Disc space (to use a metaphor) is the most receptive in these years. School is the place where you let your mind’s Web Browser loose and driven by your inquisitiveness, hard work and hunger for knowledge, knowingly or unknowingly, you Download several competencies and life skills,” read the letter which is written by CBSE Chairman Anita Karwal for students ahead of board exams, according to Press Trust of India. 

“There are Messengers (mentors) to help you identify the Spams, if any, and the Bandwidth of learning is fast and vast. School is perhaps the one place in life where the Auto-correctBackspacePauseShift or Delete options are abundant and add value to your education,” the letter added.

“You are now at exactly that penultimate stage, where you are trying your best to Firewall all distractions and concentrating on studying for your exams. However, we can sense in you some apprehensions about whether you will rise up to various expectations – yours and of others. We also feel that you are seeking meaning in what you are doing and are anxious about what the future holds for you, while questioning what exams are all about, and why the fun and games have to temporarily go to Random Access Memory,” Ms Karwal wrote in the message.

“They are like URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) of your life, that are meant to help you locate the real possibilities and resources that lie within you, by optimising the knowledge Search Engine inside you,” read the letter.

“May the days that you spend working hard for exams be the Routers for a beautiful and fulfilling life,” the letter said.

The CBSE Class 12 exams are beginning on Friday and will conclude on April 3, while Class 10 exams will begin on February 21 and end on March 29.