How To Avoid Mistakes In Examinations

Examinations incline to push the students to a big amount of strain and stress level. This level of pressure might lead the students to commit some silly mistakes in the exams. These mistakes would certainly cost marks. But, by prior preparation and staying calm, one can avoid such errors. Students can avoid the circumstances that might lead them towards losing their marks and provide themselves with an unparalleled chance of scoring the top marks. Good exam skills can bring out a huge difference and students can increase their marks by not dropping into the traps. Make sure that you study and refer fine books, such as NCERT books. This article is a ready reckoner for all the students that teaches them how to avoid mistakes in the examination.

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  • Read the questions clearly – If the questions are not read and understood carefully, the mind can easily ploy the students into thinking that the question is something else that it is not literally the one; encouraging them to write a different answer all together that doesn’t answer the certain given question. Students have to make sure that the questions are read twice and comprehended before answering. Study plan must be perfect and best books must be referred for each subject and its branches. Such as- NCERT Solutions For Class 10 Science .
  • Do not leave MCQs (multiple choice questions) blank – Multiple choice questions are one of the simplest types of examinations, as they give you a determinable number of probable answers. These answers can sometimes mean that, even if the students are not aware of the answer, they can theorize it by analysing out which answers are most likely to be the right one.
  • Leaving the easiest questions till the end – It might seem logical to attempt to get the tough questions over and done with, first leaving the simple questions as a prize to finish with, this is not at all a good idea. If you’ve acknowledged questions you think you can answer likely easily, solve them first.

The above mentioned are a few tricks and tips for all the students who appear for the examinations. To know more about the NCERT solutions, click here –