Benefits of using Deer Antler Spray

A lot of hormonal regulatory medications have been released into the market recently with new advanced technology and medical importance, in order to help people overcome a lot of health threatening conditions. You must have heard about HGH supplements. What are they? How useful are they? Do they exist in any other forms? Many individuals are recently talking about the growing popularity of deer antler spray in many countries. Mostly in the Western countries, the fame of deer antler extract is growing despite the fact that it has been a part of medical therapies and was heavily practised in Eastern cultures for treating people suffering from impotence or even headaches. Nowadays, a lot of famous and professional fitness enthusiasts including body builders, wrestlers, athletes and weight lifters are proposing the use of the extract of deer antlers in order to build lean muscles, increase sexual drive, boost energy levels and enhance their performance output. But do you really think the extract is capable of causing all these effects with such high potency or everything is just a big marketing hype? For judging the product, you need to visit different online websites and read the reviews and ratings put down by experienced users so that it is easier for you to make use of the product in the right way.
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How to get deer antler spray?
Before you think about administering the dosage cycle of this awesome product, it is important for you to first know the importance and history of its extraction. You should know where it comes from, how does it work inside your body and to what extent can you expect the positive and negative effects of the product. The product is mainly extracted from growing antlers on deer that is very rich in IGF-1 or insulin life growth factor-1. The extract is basically the deer velvet which is made into powdered form and then transformed into a liquid that can be used as sprays. This spray can either be used sublingually or beneath the tongue, or added in the form of liquid drops in your daily food, beverages or directly given under the tongue as drops.
After conducting a lot of experimental studies on the deer antlers, it was found out that the antlers contain very high percentage of IGF-1 which is responsible for the growth and development of the deer antler velvet.
How is IGF-1 useful for humans?
Insulin like growth factors are generally secreted inside the body after the triggering of growth hormone endogenously. The name of the factor is so since the molecular structure of the substances resemble the chemical structure of insulin. IGF-1 is very crucial for proper reproduction of cells, their proliferation, division, repair and rejuvenation.
IGF-1 improves the quality of bones, nerves and muscles. Other important components that are extracted from growing antlers on deer apart from IGF-1 includes several vitamins, amino acids, minerals and herbal ingredients such as:

  • Long Jack or Eurycoma longifolia – a testosterone or libido enhancer
  • Tribulus terrestris – boosts testosterone production