Synthetic HGH: An overview

The pituitary glands produce natural growth hormones in the body but if it does not produce adequate growth hormone due to disease or injury synthetic HGH treatment is used to remedy the situation. Synthetic HGH means synthetic human growth hormone artificially produced in the laboratory unlike the natural growth hormones. Although the manufacturing process varies the pure and synthetic HGH produce same results in the body when injected. The synthetic growth hormones are costly.
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The Synthetic HGH is directly injected into the muscle for use. It gets absorbed into the blood stream and giving you a quick and instant result. There are many brands of synthetic HGH in the market and the most common ones are Norditropin, Omnitrope, saizen, etc. Its generic name is Somatropin. Some forms of the synthetic HGH are manufactured using mice line cells while others are produced with the help of E.Coli. The doctor determines the dosage depending on the age, health, treatment conditions and your need.
Sometimes if a person has lower than normal growth hormone secretion it does not mean that the person is eligible for growth hormone therapy. The normal range for a healthy person is

  • Newborns- 5 to 40 nanograms per millimetre
  • Children- 0 to 20 nanograms per millimetre
  • Women- more than 10 nanograms per millimetre
  • Men- more than 5 nanograms per millimetre

The synthetic HGH is usually used for the conditions like

  • Inadequate growth hormone secretion
  • To replace endogenous growth hormone

Etc.  Based on the medical conditions and the treatment different brands are used and suggested.
Benefits of synthetic HGH

  • Increase the lean muscle mass
  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase bone density in case of condition like osteoporosis
  • Enhance pulmonary functions
  • Increase stamina and energy level of the body

Other uses
The synthetic HGH is used by athletes and bodybuilders for the purpose of increasing stamina, endurance and muscle growth. It enhances the overall performance. They combine it with other drugs and steroids for various beneficial purposes but it is not approved by the Federal Drug Administration and the medical community.   The synthetic HGH is used in the form supplements like growth factor 9 and is popular among athletes at the same time it is also used by the people for anti-aging and other health benefits.
For the synthetic HGH to be effective it should be taken only in the form of injection. The tablet or pill form will not be useful in any way because if you swallow the tablet, it will be destroyed by your digestive process before the growth hormones gets absorbed into the blood stream.
It is very important to maintain a hormone balance in the body which helps to maintain the health both physically and mentally. Consult your physician before using the synthetic hormones; it should be monitored regularly. The injecting and taking hormones when the hormone level of your body is adequate can lead to adverse reactions and serious side effects.