What you need to know about residential landscape design

Have you been planning to re-do the landscaping of an existing site or is there a need to landscape a new one? To landscape a space properly can increase the ornamental value manifolds. The right person to approach to help you plan, design and implement you dream landscape design is a residential landscape design professional. The landscape design professional must be licensed landscape architect and it is best you check the current status of the license before hiring one and handing over the project. To hire a landscape architect is important as it saves you the hassle of doing it yourself and also ensures that the project is designed adhering to the norms applicable at the local and state level. You may also check your state’s residential landscaping website for any tips or award winning projects that may help to inspire your landscape – the sustainable garden, outdoor kitchen or simply the lighting. It may also help you locate reputed professionals.

What to expect from your hired professional?
Landscape architects help property owners to analyze their current conditions and define any personal goals while they utilize their artistic as well as technical skills to plan, design and arrange the detailed construction documents for residential projects.
Hiring a landscape architect will typically involve an initial analysis of the site, examining the home and any structure adjacent to the site, selecting on plant materials; and the design of patios, water features, garden, walkways and driveways.
If you opt for full services, the landscape architect may also offer services like irrigation design, grading and drainage rainwater harvesting, erosion control measures, storm water management, lighting, garden trellises and shade structure, ADA accessibility and any other home landscape improvements.
What to check when choosing a landscape architect?
Landscaping professionals usually have a wide spectrum of services to offer. Hence, it works best in your favor to have multiple people apply for the job out of which you may interview any suitable or potential candidates whose past work experience and projects impress you most. If you are hiring from a landscaping company, you must meet the person in charge of your project to ensure that they understand and comprehend to your requirements. They should also be receptive to your goals and formulate a time bound project schedule to avoid delays. It is best you discuss the project experiences they have from previous work and see if their kind of experience is what you are looking for in respect to your landscaping project as many candidates may have an area of expertise opposed to what you are searching for. You must also verify the license status, negotiate and determine on the project fee and check for any testimonials or references.
What benefits you should expect to gain from landscaping?
With a proper residential landscape design, you will help appreciate not just the value and appearance but also the environmental quality and function of your outdoor environment and garden. A landscape architect is an investment you wont regret for the value the landscaping will add to your home. Moreover, you will avoid any violation of norms and get the project done professionally within a set time frame.