Last month in Wiesbaden, the picturesque German city famous for champagne and hot springs, around 2,000 parents protested over changes to the school curriculum. The cause of the furore? That children would be bombarded with lessons about anal sex, dildos and dark rooms. Despite their fears, anal sex is not being snuck into lessons. What schools are being asked to do is encourage acceptance of different lifestyles and identities. The Hessian ministry of education has said that, from this autumn, teachers must have conversations about sexual and gender diversity with children – not only in sex education classes, which are mandatory in Germany, but inRead More →

Welsh undergraduates from the poorest families will receive maintenance grants of up to £11,000 a year in return for taking on the full cost of university tuition fees, as Wales overhauls its student funding. Kirsty Williams, Wales’s education secretary, announced that the country’s universal £5,100 tuition grant is to be scrapped and replaced with a mix of generous means-tested benefits and loans based on students’ family incomes from September 2018. “We are looking to introduce the most generous and progressive system anywhere in the UK. If you want to go to university, this system will allow you to do so,” said Williams, the sole LiberalRead More →

Indian Engineering Services are the civil services which are based on the technical and managerial functions of the Government of India. The Government of India recruits its civil servants on purely merit basis through competitive exams. The Union Public Services Commission conducts the Indian Engineering Services exam, and the Union Government of India appoints the IES officers. Indian Engineering Service exams are very tough because of the limited number of vacancies. Lakhs of engineering graduates appear for this exam for only a few hundred seats. No doubt the exam is very tough but once you clear it and become an IES officer you get immenseRead More →

In this age of online shopping, discounts are a very important thing which everyone looks out for. In this current scenario of the market e-commerce and online transactions are growing so fast that people want to have the best price on best deals. People always look out for discounts. It is very amazing to know that you can buy almost everything online. You can buy clothes, food, watches, books, home decors and almost everything that is used in daily life. Online sites have the best pricing as compared to a retailer or a commercial shop. The pricing is too good due to the latest boomRead More →

The Xamarin skills are undergoing high demand. Through this course, you can learn about Xamarintoolsand techniques used in it. There are many types of training courses available for the Xamarin programming. What the course is about? The Xamarin Training provides the candidates the entire knowledge about the Xamarin platform and its development model. This training course will help the candidates to learn how to create the Xamarin forms and apps. This course will let you know about cross-platform app development for the mobile devices, desktops, tablets and will provide the candidates the knowledge to explore platform-specific considerations. This course also provides the candidates the hands-onRead More →

Parents from Shanghai to Chicago are proudly putting pictures of their children on social media. It might be taken for granted – but no previous generation of children will have had the experience of having their entire childhoods intensively and publicly documented in this way. In the UK, the average parent with a social media account has posted 1,498 photos of their child online by their fifth birthday, according to a survey by domain name company, Nominet. This might be a global phenomenon for proud parents – but what about the children, who will have been too young to have any choice in the matter.Read More →

Oxford University has announced its first “massive open online course” – or so-called Mooc – in a partnership with a US online university network. These free online courses have grown in popularity with hundreds of universities and millions of students. But until now Oxford has not offered such Mooc courses. It is going to run an economics course partnered with online platform edX, set up by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The emergence of Mooc courses in recent years has been a major phenomenon in higher education, particularly in the United States. Their supporters argued that putting courses online would make them moreRead More →

Have you been planning to re-do the landscaping of an existing site or is there a need to landscape a new one? To landscape a space properly can increase the ornamental value manifolds. The right person to approach to help you plan, design and implement you dream landscape design is a residential landscape design professional. The landscape design professional must be licensed landscape architect and it is best you check the current status of the license before hiring one and handing over the project. To hire a landscape architect is important as it saves you the hassle of doing it yourself and also ensures thatRead More →

World University rankings were released this year and we have a good new and a bad news for you. The good news is not so good as compare to the bad news which is worse. The good news is that Asia as a continent is rising sharply in terms of quality of education. Rising population, greater demand of quality education has lead to a rise in our abilities. We have a lot of window for further improvement as states of all nation have put in great deal of thought and investment in this sector. The bad news is that none of our Indian institute ranksRead More →

Hong Kong, a former British colony in South-Eastern China, is a vibrant, densely populated urban center with a major port and a global financial hub with a skyscraper studded skyline. In modern times, Hong Kong has turned itself in to an amazing city. It is clean, modern, busy and most of all efficient. Today, many of the Hong Kong based investors have invested on real estate in places like Hawaii and own major commercial real estate’s there. The real estate market of Hong Kong has many but limited similarities with the market in America, more specifically Hawaii. The investment sales of Hong Kong market areRead More →