The Benefits of Renting Forklifts and other Material Handling Equipment

There are more material handling services than you’d believe! While considering your option of renting equipment for material handling for a short duration, there are certain advantages to keep in mind over buying the equipment.
Low Cost
To rent equipment for a short-term will generally cost you less. Especially if you are a small business with not much capital to invest, it is a great idea to rent equipment as and when needed. You can check with several local dealers to get the best quote. You can then decide which company do you want to work with based on their prices and experience. Rental rates with dealers are often negotiable to get the best price. When you commit to have their equipment for an extended period of time, they might offer better discounts that extremely short periods. Short-term rental rates are sure to cost less compared to lease or loan payments. In case the equipment you own breaks down, you do not want to jeopardize production by waiting for it to be fixed when you can rent the equipment in a small amount of money.
Maintenance Included
Check if the dealer includes maintenance on short-termrentals. In case of trouble, they can come to your rescue. It is much more convenient to have a technician on-site on a phone call than trying to fix a purchased unit on your own. If you are renting the equipment for an extended period of time, most reputed dealers will have technicians sent to check to the unit for fluid levels and operation periodically at no extra cost. This frequency of visits will depend on the number of hours the equipment is in use each day.
Instant Response
Purchasing takes time. You are investing huge sums of money and you won’t do it without proper market research. On the contrary, when the need for equipment arises, you can call the short-term rental company and have the equipment delivered in little or no time. This is a major advantage specially when the need for equipment is binding and urgent as in unforeseen instances like breakdown of your unit, a sudden peak in business, season inventories or a special application or job to complete. A good local dealer will try his best to provide the needed equipment as per your need and urgency with minimal time wasted.
Positive relationship and loyalty rewards
If you become a regular with a dealer renting equipment on more frequently, chances are that the dealer would discount your pricing over time and walk the extra mile to help deliver the equipment to you in time. He will also ensure he provides only best quality equipment to you. Having developed a professional relationship with your rental contact will also familiarize them with your material handling needs. Also, once the relationship is strong, your trust will be better established and you can rest assured that the dealer is providing to you the best prices and customer service. This will also save you the time and trouble of shopping around. Isn’t it nice to have work done on a phone call without the hassles involved?
With the general outlines laid for your short-term rental experience, you are sure to want to avoid the hassles and rent any equipment you need. Wonder how to handle your product equipment needs? Visit to sort it for you!