Granite Countertops: Getting the Look You Deserve!

Whenever we buy a new house or renovate an old one, we take utmost care of including only the best furniture and decoration inside. Be it the doors, the sofa or even the most basic bed, it all has to be absolutely perfect for your perfect home. However, we often tend to ignore the kitchen and do not may pay as much attention to it as other rooms. Now, that is really not fair, is it? The countertops in the kitchen are as important as your major household items. They do not only provide a space to keep your beautifully prepared dishes but also can be a kitchen showpiece!
The granite kitchen countertops have become the most popular kinds of countertops all over the world due to their aesthetic appeal, durability and resistance to elements. To add to the aesthetic of granite, it is available in multiple colours as well! It might be a bit tough to maintain granite countertops, but not too much.

But alas, its price often lands most of the kitchen dreams into the sink. Granite slabs can cost quite a bomb but if you go for alternatives such as granite tiles and granite slab overlays, you may fulfil that beautiful dream of yours.
Granite tiles are like any other tiles, only more beautiful. They can be mounted on to plywood over your existing counters or used instead of traditional countertops. The grout maybe merged with the colour of the granite tiles or left as is to give a contrasting look.
Granite slab overlays are thin granite slabs which can certainly be used as countertops to add to the aesthetic wonder that your kitchen already is. They look perfect as decorative panels in cabinet doors as well! Who knew granite could be used in so many places and still not burn a hole in your pocket? The thin granite slabs are usually 10 mm thick and can provide you all the benefits of a regular slab of granite but only at cheaper rates!
Granite looks gorgeous due to its versatility, resistance and elegance, all at the same time. If you are on the lookout for such wonderful natural stone and want to adorn your kitchen with granite, then contact Tri State Stone. You may go through their portfolio available on their website to guge the kind of projects they have undertaken in the past. Their stone masons are well experienced and can provide you great insights as to how you should go about incorporating granite in your kitchen and that too, on a tight budget.