Serving Your Country and Yourself

Whether you are currently serving in the military or previously did, you know the rigors and demands of such service.
That said unless you are preparing for many decades in the service, you know that the day will come when you have to transition from military to civilian life. In doing so, will you have the skills and tools necessary for a rather smooth transition?
For many currently serving in the military, they not only pickup key skills while on active duty or in the reserves, they also learn by taking classes, oftentimes classes that are available via the Internet.
While it sounds rather simple, one roadblock can be finances.
If currently serving, do you have the financial resources available to take online classes?
In the event you do not, have you looked into military tuition assistance?
If not, you could be missing out on a valuable resource to help you get the degree or degrees you seek.
So, are you ready to serve yourself while also serving your country?
Fields to Focus on
If you are currently serving full-time in the military or in the reserves, taking online courses can help you in both your current career and whatever field you choose to pursue down the road.
The big question for many active and non-active military members is which fields are best suited for job growth now and in the future?
Among the areas you may want to focus on the remainder of this year and beyond:

  • Healthcare – While many industries were hit hard in the last decade or so with layoffs and major financial cutbacks, healthcare is one of those fields where there is always a need for workers. Being in the military now or having served, members undoubtedly have some medical training, especially those whose focus is on saving lives during combat operations. Whether it is nursing or doctoring, military members and vets can typically find jobs in the healthcare community upon leaving active duty service. One of the keys is making sure you stay up to speed on all the recent medical technology, especially in terms of how to improve treatments for patients in and out of hospitals and medical centers. You may find the going a little tough at first, especially given there are so many qualified candidates looking to break into the medical field. Touting your hands-on training and the learning you received while in the military certainly does not hurt;
  • Accounting – There are many different directions you can go with a job in the accounting field. Just as with healthcare, the accounting field is one encompassing myriad of jobs. Whether you want to work in a small office or for a big corporation, there are countless accounting positions out there. Since math skills are oftentimes used during one’s military service, you can apply those you learned during that time, along with taking some online accounting courses. Many companies will not only appreciate your accounting skills, but also the discipline and organizational skills you learned in your time in the military. Since accounting work can be tedious at times, someone who is organized and doesn’t get flustered easily can be the right fit for a company needing accounting help;
  • Construction – Although there have been slowdowns at times in recent years in both residential and commercial construction, there are typically plenty of jobs available in this industry. With many of the skills one picks up during their time in the military, construction can be a natural line of work to go into after leaving the service or working there while signed up for reserve duty. If interested in doing construction work, individuals are best served to use the Internet to find work. Simple Google searches can lead to information on what parts of the country are hot right now for construction work, along with what typical positions offer in terms of salary and benefits.

If taking online college courses seemed out of reach for you at one time (maybe even recently), getting the financial assistance you need may be easier than you ever imagined.
Whether having served your country or still doing so, think about your future, looking at how you can serve your needs and those of your family.