The Roles and Duties of the Arson Investigator in the Criminal Justice Field

An Arson Investigator is the most crucial person to approach to when there’s a fire. For a 360 degree investigation for a particular fire case, the Arson Investigator puts his or her team to action and they’re able to fulfil the details of the case. It is their responsibility to analyse the fire thoroughly and give out complete information regarding the fire’s inception, where it happened, how it took place, why it took place, and so on and so forth.
In the criminal justice field or any for that matter, it is imperative that all facts are stated with solid evidence of its occurrence. And the only person responsible for putting every piece into place is the Arson Investigator. Here are some roles and duties that are performed by the Arson Investigator:

  • The agent gathers all important proof and submits it to a lab. The lab specialists and other lab labourers investigate the confirmation and search for information that backs the case. The lab experts scan for fingerprints and DNA and distinguish particular chemicals or different substances used to set the flame.
  • The examiner additionally addresses the relatives and companions of the proprietor who lost his or her home, business or other office in the flame. She or he asks particular inquiries that may demonstrate that the proprietor had a rationale in beginning the flame. What’s more, the specialist likewise addresses the family and companions of any extra suspects for the flame.
  • The agent readies an extensive composed report for the law authorization group and for the proprietor. The proprietor presents a duplicate of the report to the insurance agency. The report incorporates all data identified with the flame, for example, the date, time and area, proof, photographs, suspects, witnesses, wounds, and so forth. It may take anyplace from a few days to a few weeks or even months, to contend the examination and to set up the report.
  • He or she will work intimately with law requirement to arraign, capture, and indict the individual who set the fire. This is an intense wrongdoing and along these lines, the law requirement group will arraign the blameworthy individual. Charges will be brought against the illegal doer and the fire related crime agent will ordinarily be available in court and affirm at the trial.

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