The Lifeblood of the Medical Field: The Vital Role Nurses Play

The nursing profession appears to have grown in popularity over the past decade. In fact, where some industries seem like they are starting to stagnate, nursing is projected to continue growing with 16 percent growth between 2014 and 2024. Hospitals are by and large the biggest employers of nurses, but do you know exactly what a nurse does? Nurses are managers of patient care who work with doctors and other medical professionals caring for patients in order to create cohesive treatment. Nurses are communicators and teachers who must be able to provide information to patients about health, medication, medical procedures, and the next steps to take. In addition, nurses act as a patient advocate. Because of the many different roles that a nurse must take on, including taking urgent action, analyzing lab results, and catching medical errors, the education of a nurse must be well-rounded. Learn more about the amazing things nurses do for you by referring to the infographic, provided by Denver School of Nursing, below.