Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. It is still a major killer of thousands of women every year. For that reason it is imperative that breast cancer awareness is kept high profile. Being breast aware is an essential part of caring for your body. It’s a means of getting to know how your breasts look and feel normally, so that if any changes occur you will notice. Here is a 5 Point Breast Awareness Check List Know what your breasts normally look and feel like From puberty, through adolescence, childbearing age and menopause your breasts are constantly changing. This occursRead More →

Pregnenolone – A Steroid Hormone Pregnenolone is an endogenous steroid hormone. It acts as a neurosteroid. It has many powerful nootropic gains. It is synthesized from cholesterol. In this synthesis radiolabelled cholesterol is used. Pregnenolone is very effective as an energy pill. Nowadays it’s been used as focus booster and mood enhancer as well. Modern science has proved that pregnenolone can also be used in the improvement of comprehension, critical analysis, information processing and as a memory enhancer. Few studies state that this is the most effective memory enhancer which is reported till date. Pregnenolone is responsible for synthesis of many chemicals and few hormonesRead More →

For decades now, travelling has been one of the most cherished hobbies of most people. We all love to explore new places and learn about new culture in different countries. Each decade has overseen a change in travelling pattern. For instance, the 70’s and 80’s were the time of hippies and RVs were a phenomenon. Similarly, the 90’s started the fashion of organized travels. Many travelling agencies opened up, and they offered up travel packages all around the globe. But these days, independent travelling seems to be in craze. People want to break free of the stereotype and want to do something unique which isRead More →

Wow! You have decided to go for engineering and its moment of proud for your parents and family. Clearing engineering is not a cup of cake as it needs a lot of perseverance and consistency. You have cleared your exam and now looking for the best engineering college in your city. There are many colleges available these days to get admission in engineering. You need to search a lot about the best private engineering colleges in eastern India. Online sites are the best solution to your problem and you can do the best search online while looking for the best college. Search thoroughly about theRead More →

Communicating in the English language has become one of the most important qualities to have in the competitive world today. In fact, better opportunities await for those individuals who can speak the language well. These opportunities are the reasons why people take the IELTS examination. With speaking as one of the subtests, getting a good IELTS review to hone speaking skills is just the secret in a successful IELTS examination. However, it is not all the time that an IELTS test candidate can sit in a class and learn things to improve their speaking skills. There are various factors one should know on how toRead More →

Wondering how to get out of this financial trajectory of loans and money lending? All one has got to have is a car and they’ll be set to save themselves. That’s right. A car title loan can be the easiest and the best way (legally) to get one out of their loans and pay everything off. The lender will ask for your car title and once you give them the information, the lender will be ready to give you money. This is growing at a very fast pace as this borrowing and lending method has reached the internet. There are lenders available online, who putRead More →

Bhopal: All of a hundred and five students from 5 Kendriya Vidyalayas across Bhopal scored 10 CGPA in class X, the consequences for which have been declared with the aid of CBSE on Saturday. In Bhopal place, which has 41 colleges, 99.89% college students were declared bypass. this is zero.04% better than closing yr. among 5 Kendriya Vidyalayas, KV-1 (Maida mill) gave the quality performance. In all, forty two college students from this college scored 10 CGPA. “college students have now end up sensitive approximately their performances as there may be a fight for each mark. i’m happy to look college students from our collegeRead More →